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3 Easy Tips For Marketing With Promotional Products


Promotional Products are one of the hottest marketing trends companies are using. Although it is not a new concept, the recession has pushed businesses to be more resourceful with their budget, and promotional products offer great advertising opportunities at a low price. To market with custom printed products, however, is not as simple as many would think.

1. Know your target market- One huge mistake many companies make is misunderstanding their target market. Many businesses lose track of their main customer base, or attempt to use promotional products to reach someone outside of their current market. What a waste. Promotional products are most effective when other people see them, drawing them into your company or making current clients want to return. If going out on a limb trying to draw a new market, you are gambling with a 50/50 chance your products might fail. In a time of recession, use your marketing budget wisely, and promote to those you know will work.

2. Order promotional products your target market will actually use- Have you ever seen the amount of wasted promotional products left at trade shows, events, or promotional activities? Many companies are not used to using promotional products as a marketing technique, so when they do, they don’t treat them like a real marketing strategy. In order for custom printed items to work for your company, you must truly think about how much your clients would appreciate what you give them. Handing out custom printed sports bottles, might seem like a nice gift to give out, but unless the majority of your customers have some athletic purpose for them, it’s a huge waste of money. However, sports bottles printed for a marathon race is worth more than any billboard or magazine article. Think about your target market, and how much they will actually use your pens, coffee mugs, or t-shirts- a carefully chosen promotional item can do wonders.

3. Make your custom printed design get the most out of your money- Last week I saw a coffee cup a man was using that was clearly intended to be a promotional product, but failed miserably at actually promoting the company or event). The coffee cup was personalized with what looked like a logo shaped as a building, in a color hard to see, and no text whatsoever. Sure, this might have seemed like a good idea to whoever designed it, simple and sweet- except totally ineffective. I’m not suggesting that you load up your products with obnoxious neon green text, but be sure that your design is printed in a visible color, with your company or event name and at least a phone number, website, or slogan to explain exactly what it is you do.

For example, a pen with a small child logo and simple text “Christian Learning Center- A place for Children to Grow- (phone number)” is worth plenty more than a measly coffee cup with a hard to read logo on it. Design your graphic carefully, it will be worth it in the end. There you have it- three very simple tips that can make the difference between a wasted budget and successful, appreciated promotional gifts. Custom printing your pens, tote bags, coffee mugs, and ball caps just got a whole lot easier.

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