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5 Exciting iPhone Tricks You Should Know And Try Out Today

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iPhone is one of the most sophisticated phones in the world at the moment. This is because they keep innovating, which is why whenever they launch a new version of the iPhone, customers around the world from long queues at Apple stores hoping to get the first look of the device.

Apple’s iOS has countless functions, features and apps, so many that only a few people ever get to use them all. So, thats y I have decided to write on selected 5 relevant and interesting iPhone featured tricks you should know about.

1. Control Your iPhone with your head

Did you know you can manipulate your iPhone with the movement of your head? Well, it’s possible with the help of some pre-installed apps. If you fancy this incredible feature, go to setting-general-accessibility-switch control and turn this feature on. After activating it, you can select functions that will correspond with your right head movement or left head movement such as increasing or decreasing volume.

2. Siri reads your emails

This is an interesting way of checking your emails. Siri does not only alert you when you have emails, it also unambiguously reads your email. To use this feature, press and hold the home button to activate Siri. After activating, choose my email and Siri will start reading your emails anytime you receive one. It works with iOS 7.

3. Shake iPhone to delete text messages

Yes! You can delete text messages by firmly shaking your phone to delete text messages. With iPhone, you can easily delete unsolicited messages after previewing them and undo the delete function if you choose.

4. Take a photo while shooting videos

The usual phone will not allow you take pictures while shooting a video at the same time but with the iPhone, all things are possible. Simply tap the camera button to snap a picture. Note that your video will not stop recording. However, the quality will be less because you are using the video camera.

5. Do Not Disturb mode

If you are very busy and do not want to be disturbed by notifications, you should activate the do not disturb mode. You can do this from the control centre, swipe upwards and tap the crescent moon icon to select the do not disturb mode. Your calls and alerts will be silenced.


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