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5 Fun Wii Games for Women (That Don’t Leave a Bloodtrail)


Feminists of this day would balk at the thought of Wii games for women. They might say that all games are for all genders. Boys are increasingly being witness to women gamers who can beat them supposedly in their own games.

But, for the purpose of discussion, it might come as an interesting insight to try to ponder on what Wii games women like. For criteria, we might focus on intellectually stimulating games, therefore puzzle games. Games that are gory in nature are automatically removed. Games that demand physical exertion and movement are also good candidates because women gamers are generally more figure conscious than their male counterparts.

If you really must insist that some games are specifically targeted for women, then by all means here are some of the most likely candidates:

Smart Wii Games for Women

1. Dr. Mario

An arcade classic, this game involves Mario the plumber who may have shifted professions and turned into a tetris loving doctor. Game play involves matching capsules with capsules and viruses of the same color and putting them together. Successful combinations eliminate the viruses.

2. Mario Kart

I was really trying to avoid putting a game with a similar name close to each other but it seems that Mario Kart is also a favorite. The game features Mario driving a Go Kart and exhibits console racing on a level that is better natured compared to the glitz and banal racing games that feature real and boring sports cars. Mario Kart is fun and good humored racing at its best.

Exercise Wii Games for Women

Although many of the men are increasingly becoming physical appearance conscious, many of them still want the traditional way to get fit and that is through actual sports. Exercise games or exergames are famous for women who are time constrained and mostly prefer the comforts of an indoor setting. And these kind of games are the most popular Wii games for women.

3. EA Sports Active

This is one title that features many physical routines that ensure that exercising is not a boring and a laborious task. Unlike other titles, this game accurately captures the movement of the gamer and reflects it on the screen as appropriate. A high quality exercise game from a high profile publisher.

4. Wii Fit Plus

Exercising can be a boring chore and the publishers of the Wii Fit Plus ensure that players won’t get bored with repetitive routines that make your eyes roll. The Wii Fit Plus features an intensive workout regimen that is highly customizable to suit the needs of the active woman. Included in the package are regimens for Yoga, Strength Training and Aerobic Games. This is definitely a must buy item.

5. Wii Sports Resort

What can I say, this game makes exercising fun and enthralling. As the name implies players get a chance to compete in many different sports in a resort setting. It is a novel idea that has many wanting more and more. With this game, hours and hours of fun are not wasted on the physically challenging sports.

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