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5 Most-Liked Board Games on Facebook


Facebook being one of the most favourite social networking sites get updated with interesting applications, groups and activities. Here you have a chance to catch up with your friends to perform different cool stuff. While you join groups or participate in quizzes you can also play some of the most-liked board games of Facebook. So choose your game from the list mentioned below and challenge your pals to play your favourite board game on Facebook.

Chess Pro

Initiated by the experts who created Scrabulous, Chess Pro is a new interesting application on Facebook. It doesn’t ask you to stay online at the same time while your opponent is online to engage in a heroic game of chess.

This game definitely has the horses and the knights where all the pieces try to attach the king by moving in various directions. You will see a chess board on your Facebook profile while you begin this game. All you have to do is easily drag and drop your men around the board. Then click on “Play Move” to make your move final. Then it’s your time to relax and wait for your opponent to make their move. The chat screen front of you allows you can use to send messages to your opponent during the game.


This is one board game that’s altered and changed many times and is presented in different themes. Facebook too has created its version of Monopoly. Here, you get a space to play the game of Monopoly against three other computer generated players.

It involves simple steps and no hard rules to learn. Spin the dice, shift your pieces and purchase your properties. Place your hotels and houses just as you play in the Monopoly board game. The advantage is that the money count is in the middle of the board so you’ll always know how much you can spend. Its tough to know what the other player is doing as it moves really fast. So why wait? Go play this business game against your pals listed in your group.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe being an old board game played that was played since ancient times is now introduced even on Facebook. This game uses your profile photo as an alternative of X’s and O’s. You can login to your profile or play on your friend’s profile to enjoy this fun-filled game. Once you add the Tic Tac Toe application, roll down your profile page and take the first move. Then later return to see if any of your friends have taken another step. Also try to play Tic Tac Toe with other people in the public section.


Facebook has initiated this word-game based on Scrabble and has named it Scrabulous. Based on simple rules of scrabble, this game focuses on word-formation and vocabulary development. So defeat your friends and take up this activity and play Scrabulous easily from your Facebook. You get a chance to enjoy, relax and also brush your language skills. So keep guessing who would be the Scrabulous champion in your group?


Facebook presents the board game of Backgammon based on your luck and some techniques that one can adopt to play and win against another Facebook player. When you add this application you will view a list of rooms that you can choose from. Some rooms have two players and you can actually watch them play. Other rooms have players waiting for someone to come. So roll your virtual dice, shift the pieces and open your own room if you want to start your own game.

To play backgammon, or any other game, on the newly Skype-Facebook application, Skype must be installed and in a functioning mode. Players can gain benefits from Skype services and interact with the game opponent’s via chat, speak over VoIP and transfer photos and other files.

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