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6 High-End OpenCart Extensions to Boost Your eCommerce Sales


With the eCommerce industry growing at its peak, numerous development platforms have come to the scenario including OpenCart. OpenCart hosts a myriad of high-end features, which facilitate seamless eCommerce development. However, to upgrade your OpenCart-built eCommerce store, you can deploy a set of compatible extensions.

Following here are some of the most efficient extensions to take your online business to the next level.


The page speed is the determining element behind different fundamental growth factors

Like search engine ranking, user experience, usability and conversion rates. One effective way to optimize the speed of web pages, products and categories is by installing a caching tool. However, NitroPack is not merely a caching tool as because, it acts as a comprehensive optimization framework with all its features needed for maximizing the loading speed of your OpenCart-built website.


Pre-ordering is an effective attribute included in an online store which, allows customers to know the status of product availability and avail a positive experience. This would prevent customers from not experiencing a negative feeling by adding the preferred product at shopping cart and then finding it to be out of stock.


Blogging is the most widely-accepted way of generating online traffic to your website. Free knowledge is acceptable by all and if, the articles are helpful and good, then you can even opt for generating subscribers to the newsletter. iBlog is a typical intuitive session by which, you can add a blogging section to the eCommerce store, thereby allowing you to publish articles about your products, business and the industry.


Branding the images and products is a crucial part of promoting your business and protecting the images against misuse. With this extension, it becomes very simple to add a brand logo to the product images, thereby making them appear professional.

The module hosts a complete customization tool package which, includes text, position, image opacity, color options and rotation as well.


It is a lightweight integration along with Google Analytics meant for your online store, which helps in keeping track of all the reports and metrics directly from the store’s admin panel. You will gain an abundance of data to track, use and analyze for planning the next move. Moreover, it aids in tracking the flow of viewers, traffic sources, conversion rates, most ordered products and most used keywords.


It not only lets the customers submit reviews, but also helps in sending them emails thereby, inviting to share their individual experiences with the store and the ordered products. Reviews plays a significant role while operating an online business. It helps online merchants to get the assurance that the product was worth buying and customers are happy.

Final word

OpenCart boasts a set of revolutionizing features which, will help you in both improvising your existing online store and develop a new eCommerce store. However, installing these aforesaid extensions will lead you to fetch greater online success. Thus, consider to try these high-end and feature-packed extensions, the next time you consult an OpenCart developer.


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