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6 SEO Techniques To Adopt In Order To Boost Traffics


The strategies behind full SEO optimization can never be over emphasized, thats why new methods and maneuvers are being brought up by different SEO experts on a daily basis. I just did a little research and from my findings, I think if this strategies are applied, their would be an uprise in your blog/website traffics.

Mobile Is The Present

Did you know that mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches? In fact, 40% of searches are now performed through mobile devices. Not only that, but the trend is rising since users are using smartphones and tablets more than ever. This means that if improving mobile SEO is one of your goals then you most likely won’t reach it, as you wont gain better positioning in search engines.

Mobile usability is also becoming a priority for Google right now and in addition Google is penalizing the websites who have errors in their handheld versions. This means that if your site isn’t adaptable to all the different mobile devices then it’ll suffer when it comes to search engine positioning.

If you want some advice, use a responsive design, which means in order for different devices to be able to adapt to your site use a more practical and visual design that only includes the characteristics that foster a good user experience.

The Increase of Voice Search

Google is already offering the possibility to perform voice searches right from the computers and mobile phones and what does this have to do with SEO? A lot, being that when users perform voice searches they tend to ask questions for which they’re hoping to find an exact answer -unlike how when we write in the search query we’re just using signal words-. This is changing everything.

In fact, voice search is so important that Google has introduced a series of changes which benefit the content performing questions and answers and placing them in the titles and even subtitles and provide the answer within the content.

Natural Link Building Raises Positions

Above we talked about how search engines can penalize you for artificial link building, however its one of the greatest SEO techniques too since it’s the era of natural link building. This means that you should use links from quality sites where the related link has a semantic importance with the keyword you want to use.

Remember that websites need inbound links in order to be positioned well, therefore you must focus on creating quality content that everyone wants to link to, this is how you’ll increase your web positioning. On the other hand, you can always opt for creating links that seem natural. However, remember that you should never buy links since Google will find out and penalize you.

Video content is gaining power (YouTube SEO)

Content continues being the king of the Internet, however it gains more positions if it’s in the form of a video.

Videos are consumed more and more, you really can miss the fact that different social networks, from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram, are incorporating applications and features just for videos.

That’s why it’s necessary for you to optimize all your videos in your content on social networks as well as external platforms such as YouTube.

Without going too far, remember that YouTube is one of the five most visited website in the entire world, therefore if you correctly optimize your videos you can be sure to get a good positioning.

In order to do this

  • Chose a title and description based on the video’s theme.
  • Include a good call to action in the video description as well as on the site you plan to spread it on to Make sure its seen.
  • Use inbound links.
  • Choose good keywords.
  • Mention your social networks.

Still confused? Don’t worry I’ll write more on that soon.

Social Networks also Runs the Show

Nowadays it’s impossible to create a good digital marketing strategy without taking social networks into account. And the same thing goes for SEO.
Having a blog means you need good web positioning, social networks have become indispensable for appearing in Google’s first few spots.

Basically, the larger your community on social networks, the better your visibility will be on the network since search engines are now using social networks as a key factor when positioning a webpage.
Therefore, if you want to achieve a better positioning try to develop a good Social Media strategy that’ll help you get good engagement with your audience.

This way you’ll get more followers on different social networks, acquire more visibility and thereby more web traffic, your content will go viral and consequently your positioning will improve.

Fully Optimize Images

Just like how videos can improve a site’s positioning, the same goes for images.
Now, how do you optimize images? Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Use the appropriate image size for best resolution.
  • Always put keywords in the Alt
  • Name the image by using keywords.
  • Use unique and quality images

Extra tip: think about your clients when writing your titles, not about yourself or Google.
Think about what it is that your audience wants to search for and try to convince them through your title that your content is the best option for finding the answer they’re looking for.

Put yourself in their shoes, perform some searches on Google to see how the first few results look and study how they titles are written.

Do you have other suggestions on how to build your presence on search engines using SEO? please include them in the comments section.



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