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6 Things You Can do At With a GTBank ATM

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As we all know Guaranteed Trust Bank GTB is one of the reliable banks for all kinds of transactions. Today I’ll be listing some valuable this that can be done with a GTBank ATM.

Customer update:
With a GTBank ATM card you can easily update the phone number attached to the account directly. But this has to be carried out specifically on any GTBank ATM machine, and the customer information is instantly updated.

Bill Payment:
You can pay all your bills easily using any GTB ATM nearby ranging from electric bill payment, cable TV, Tolls, online bet sites and many more using the quick teller option on the ATM.

Airtime Purchase:
Are you out of airtime? Well that that easily be taken care off, as with on GTB ATM purchasing of airtime to any network is as swift as breeze ….

Cardless Withdrawal:
Withdraw cash without your card at any GTBank ATM , just simply dial *737# on any line registered with your account , select cardless withdrawal and you would be given the code for the transaction.

Inter and Intra banks funds transfer:
You can transfer money easily using any GTBank ATM to your accounts or other bank accounts.

Western Union
Using GTB ATM you can recieve western union payments directly into your bank accounts.


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