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7 Unusual Things You Can Do With a Tablet


Tablets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and most of us use our tablets for browsing the web and playing music, maybe watching a movie but what else are people using their tablets for?

Below we have listed seven other uses people have found for their expensive portable computers.

1. Your iPad as a DJ mixer. Yes iPads play music but did you know that with a little addition you can use two iPads as a set of DJ turntables. The addition is a mixer that sits between the iPad turntables and controls which turntable is playing.

2. A universal remote control. Your tablet can do more than Google maps and reading email. With the right apps it can control all your other gadgets. What a scary thought, gadgets controlling other gadgets. Your TV, your stereo, your DVD player, it can all be controlled by your tablet.

3. Play old classic games. The old games you remember from school aren’t dead and buried as you imagine. You can use your android tablet as an emulator to play them! It’s an extremely gray area because of the copyright of these games, but you can do it.

4. Set up a blog. One of the biggest blogging platforms on the internet is WordPress. Set up your free account and then download the WordPress app. You are well on your way to world domination and blogosphere stardom.

5. Use it as a wireless router. If your tablet is on a 3g network with unlimited data then why not use it for your desktop and laptop internet as well. You can install an app on your tablet that lets you use your tablet as a wireless access point and use it as a wireless router for your home.

6. Use your tablet as a cat toy. If you can bring yourself to do it, you can use your ipad as a cat toy. Cats love moving flashing things and your iPad screen is definitely one of them. Probably not the best idea if you value your shiny screen but it will entertain your furry friends for hours.

7. A retro arcade machine. With a little add on you can slot your tablet into a miniature retro looking arcade machine, with buttons and joystick and everything.

Modern tablets are certainly more than a screen that you can prod and poke. Their uses seem limitless and their power is growing all the time.

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