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7 Ways to Transform Your Business


Business trends are changing so fast and a lot of business owners are unable to follow. But do not despair if you fall into the category of businesses that are struggling, you can transform your business with 7 easy to follow steps. The first secret of successful businesses is seeking knowledge and action taking, If you are reading this you are on the right path to success.

1. Personal and Business Branding

The present generation business men know that to be found is to have a face, a personal and business face. The client wants to build relationship with you first as a person then with your business. The easiest way to transform your business and to have client attraction is to promote yourself. You do this by creating valuable content that reflects who you are, you want your clients to identify you from a mile. To create a presence around your business, you will need to craft the way you walk, talk, the colors you wear and use on your logo, marketing materials, they should all speak of who and what you represent. Personal branding is as important as business branding, one take you to the other, they go hand in hand. Be bold about presenting you to the public, choose your style make yourself known, this will provide a space for your immediate to potential clients to fill.

2. Marketing strategy that works

A business without a marketing strategy has already planned to fail; this is as true as it is stated. The first step is to have a plan, which is reviewed regularly to keep you on track. Then you must know what you desire from your business, your focus, vision, mission, this will help you structure a good marketing strategy. When you know all that you need and expect, it is time to create sales plan to help guide you in producing effective results.

To create this sales plan you must be ready to open your mind and follow the principles of advertising, sales promotion, public relations and press releases, lead generation, copy-writing, internet and website marketing. Don’t go copying someone else because every business will have a different marketing strategy to attract the right clients and meet its financial goal.

A good marketing strategy is produced by (1) defining the marketing problem, (2) gathering the facts relevant to the problem (3) analyzing the facts (4) determining different solutions to solve the problem; and (5) selecting the solution that worked best and incorporating it.

3. Implementing the use of Social media

Any business not implementing the use of social media is soon to disappear, this statement is not made to scare you but to make you realize that there is a change in the way businesses and clients speak, it is called the social media revolution. Everyone who want to make an impact, keep exiting clients, attract new clients is on the major social media platforms. The first step here will be to identify the right platform for your business and join them. To be on these platforms /networks is one thing to know how to use them effectively for business growth is another. They are important to attracting new clients and so taking time out to explore them and getting trained in how to use them will do you a world of good as a business owner. There a lot of free resources to help you learn your first baby steps.

4. Effective Website Marketing

Early this year 2010 Google, BT and Enterprise launched and initiative called getting British business online. It was discovered that 1.5million businesses in the United Kingdom did not have a website. Now this is the UK alone imagine the number worldwide. Getting a website is good, but is does not stop there. A lot of businesses are missing out on client attraction through their website; the reason is having a website is not enough. There are things you need to do, to drive traffic to your site and this is what website marketing is all about. It is the ranking of your site in the major search engines, Google being the first placed, YouTube second and you have got yahoo and loads more.

Some of the things you need to do market your site and rank it high are email marketing, directory submissions, article writing, forum postings and blogging. All these forms provide a solid platform to meet your online business web promotion goals. Website marketing is a concept that few people completely understand. The simple truth is that most people don’t fully understand all of the aspects of this marketing, most people do not have the time to do this for themselves and so have a struggling business but there are ways you can get your website marketing at little or no cost.

5. Be a part of a Mastermind group

Napoleon hill brought the concept of mastermind group to light and many have embraced it. It is a group of like minds working together for a common good or for support in their individual endeavors. The benefits of a good master mind group cannot be over emphasized, mastermind groups help you keep (1) focus, (2) break thinking blocks and challenge your thinking, (3) take action faster (4)break fears (5)achieve more than you would if you were working alone.(5) build strategic alliances. A good mastermind group will help you make fast progress because you are accountable to your team. Depending on the kind of group you belong, some of the things you get for a master mind, success principles, business strategy, and personal productivity.

6. Get Coaching/Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring cannot be over emphasized for the business owner, why go in circles trying out new things, when you can get someone who has been there and done it to help you avoid mistakes and succeed faster. You will always find someone who has done what you are doing or can stand as a role model to your success. Do you need more than one mentor? Well the good news is, you are not restricted to one mentor, actually having a mentor for the different aspect of your life and business will make you beat your competitors and balance out your life.

7. Investing in self

A book, a new training, a seminar, a new gadget for business, holiday, this are the different ways you could invest in yourself. When you increase and apply new knowledge you stand out of the crowd.

As a business owner you can find a lot of training, to support you and your business growth, before you stop yourself from investing, stop and ask what the short and long term benefit is for you and your business. Now that you know what to do, begin to take little steps daily towards transforming your business and creating that change that you desire.

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