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Airtel Discontinues Weekend Data Plan Of 1GB For N100

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This particular bundle was rolled out by Airtel a long time ago, though many were not eligible for the offer of 1GB For N100 Usable Only During Weekends, the few that were eligible can testify to the fact that it was a life saver and game changer. You could accumulate the data, download with it and be rest assured that it won’t exhaust because the data ran normally.

I tried subscribing for the plan recently by dialing *474*1# and was told that the plan has been discontinued. This weekend plan was introduced in November 2015 and now, it’s gone in March 2017. I still don’t know what came over Airtel for making them to discontinue our pocket-saving data plan.

It is definitely a bad news for some Airtel users most especially those who wait till weekend to download or stream one thing or the other.

Now That Airtel Weekend Plan Has Stopped, below are some recommended cool alternatives:

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Glo Night Plan Of 1GB for N200

How To Activate The New Etisalat Night Plan Of 250mb For N50

Enjoy! Whats your view on this recent development by Airtel?


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