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Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing using Tweakware Vpn 3.0

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Airtels 0.0k free browsing is still blazing on psiphone, so I wonder why I still got some complaints that it wasn’t working for some people. so I wrote an article on how to Deactivate the Airtel 2g Network plan of 2GB for 200,perhaps that might solve the problem of some affected simcards. But yours isn’t still working then you can try out using Tweakware Vpn 3.0 with the procedures I’ve written down. 

How to use Tweakware Vpn 3.0 to browse unlimited on your Airtel simcard

» Open the installed Tweakware VPN on your smartphone and choose Netherland or any server location of your choice

You might be limited to using only 200mb per day because you are not a premium user but there is always a way out. I will advice you to go through the Tutorial below on how to bypass tweakware daily 200mb or 150mb limit

✌Once you have made sure your device is rooted, follow me along with below steps to bypass Tweakware daily 150mb allocation.

Step1: Download Device ID changer appfrom Google play store.

Step2: Once you have downloaded the app, launch it and it will request for permission, just grant it root permission. 

Step3: Now, start browsing and immediately you reach the tweakware daily limit using the free server, just disconnect the tweakware app and return back to the device id changer application you downloaded on step 1 above⬆

Step4: I will advice you to backup your original android id (this is necessary in case your phone is still on warranty and you want to return it for any reason).

Step5: After backing up or noting down your android phone original ID, you will now have to generate a random ID. 

Step6: login again to the Tweakware and try to reconnect, it might take a while, but it would finally connect. 

Thats all. If you are still having any confusions you can ask them using the comments section below. Enjoy. 


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