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An Easier And More Authentic Way To Sign Into Google With Just A Tap

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I was trying to sign in to Google account one day and I got a prompt asking me ‘sign in with just a tap?
Initially I thought it might be insured, but after giving it a shot, I realized it’s even more secure than using passwords. Using multi- factor authentication processes is a safe way of ensuring the security of your account.

Personally I even think using passwords can be relatively time wasting. Google’s trying to make the sign in process easier by allowing the tap to logging function.

If you’re an Android user with the latest version of Google Play Services, or an iOS user with the Google app, you can now configure your Google account to send your device a notification whenever there’s a login attempt. Interacting with the notification (or launching the app) will then allow you to either authorize the login or deny it completely. No codes, nothing to copy, and no typos to trip you up.

To turn on this new authentication method, head over to the security section of your Google account settings. Scroll down to the “Password & sign-in method” box, and click on “2-Step Verification.” Assuming that you already have some other form of two-step authentication activated, navigate down the page to the section marked “Set up alternative second step.” You’ll find the Google Prompt option, and you can now click “Add Phone.”

From here, you’ll be presented with the devices you’ve already associated with your Google account. If you haven’t done so already, Google will walk you through the process of setting it up. Now, select your preferred device, and button through to the next step. At this point, you’ll be asked to try out the new login process. If everything works as planned, you’re good to go from now on.

Even after you’ve turned on Google Prompt, your other authentication methods will continue to work as well. The authenticator app, voice calls, text messages, and backup codes can all still be used to log into your account. Unfortunately, the physical security key can’t be active alongside Google Prompt for the time being. Presumably, Google will be working on solving that issue in the future.

If you rely on multiple devices throughout the day, there’s no need to worry about being left out. You can easily add multiple smartphones and tablets to Google Prompt. I’ve already added my iPhone, iPad, and Moto E to my Google account, and all of them have worked like a charm. Just make sure to only activate Google Prompt on devices with either a passcode or a biometric scanner.

What is your reaction to this new innovation by Google?



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