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Applying to Business Management Jobs: Finding Them, Updating Your Resume, and Preparation


The path to a managerial role in business is long, and earning an MBA may only lead to a mid-career position. If you are considering advancing in your business career, start looking for business management jobs and see if your qualifications measure up. The strata for business management jobs, however, vary, with roles ranging from department heads to CEO and CFO positions. A combination of experience, education, and connections may help with advancing into a managerial position.

The first step to getting any business management job is applying. General job boards list several management opportunities in all aspects of business, from accounting and sales to marketing and project management, but often these openings are few and you need to search through entry- and mid-level positions. Using a career-specific job board is another approach, and ones geared specifically toward business management jobs are out there. A search in your field on one of these career-specific job boards brings up advanced positions only, offering far more comprehensive results.

As you look for business management jobs, make sure your resume is updated before you send. For any type of management jobs, accomplishments rather than skills need to be emphasized: which goals you met and how you met them, how you led a team toward these goals, and other ways you expanded your company. Make sure every relevant past position listed on your resume follows this format.

Although education and a moderate amount of experience are needed for entry- and mid-level jobs, connections often help with advancing into management. Within a company, who you know may be just as helpful as what you know. If you are planning to look elsewhere, knowing someone in management already may help your resume be seen and get you in for an interview. Even if you do not know anyone in the company, however, associating with other well-known industry professionals and using them as references is also helpful.

All business management jobs will require at least one interview, if not several, and even before you get in the door, prepare with your interviewing skills. Refresh yourself in all general interview questions a hiring manager could ask you, such as “Tell me about yourself.” Also prepare for any skills-related questions. A company interviewing you, however, wants to know why you are interested in them, and do research about them, from brushing up on recent news to familiarizing yourself with their specific mission, in your preparation.


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