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Are You Ready For a Job in Oil and Gas?


The International Energy Agency estimates that the world demand for oil may increase to about 100 million barrels of oil per day in 2015. That is almost twice the daily production of Saudi Arabia! So, are you ready for a hot job in oil and gas?

What kinds of jobs are available for newcomers to the oil industry?

Even though production is falling at almost all the major oil companies, high oil prices are here to stay. Now is an unparalleled time for starting a career in the offshore oil industry. Here are a few entry level oil jobs you might consider doing.

* Roustabout: your main duties may include guiding the crane during loading and moving of things, supplying equipment to the rig floor as needed and keeping the pipe and main deck areas clean.

* Welder: Rig welders are permanently on one oil rig and they are constantly busy with day to day repairs and new metalwork construction.

* Painter: a painter is responsible for an oil rig’s painting program.

* Medic: Medical checks are done on all employees every six months or so. Medics are also responsible for operating sick bays and keeping medical stocks.

* Mechanic: He is responsible for the maintenance and repair of generators and all other mechanical equipment on the an oil.

* Electrician: He is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all the electrical equipment.

What kinds of jobs may be available for people with previous oil industry job experience?

Experienced people are in demand these days and, if you have worked offshore before, you may easily get a job in oil and gas. Here are a few job descriptions you can consider.

* Crane operator: He is in charge of all the crane operations on an oil rig.

* Dereckman: He is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the mud pumps and mud holding pits in the mud pump room.

* Driller: He is responsible for operating the drilling equipment.

* Tool pusher: He works in the rig offices and the rig floor and is normally an experienced driller.

* Company man/woman: This person represents the strategies and interests of an oil company.

Where can you find help with getting a job in oil and gas?

I suggest that you visit an international, industry wide and officially recognized guide to offshore oil rig employment. You may not get off to a quicker start.

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