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Blogging As a Business

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Welcome readers, today I’d focusing on the topic ‘blogging as a business. Do you know you could earn a living with your mobile phone, or PC? Do you know you could make a name for yourself with your mobile phone and with a laptop you are powerful? You could help and touch lives all over the globe with your ideas, and have a lot of loyal followers!

You cannot say you don’t have something you are good at, most times I hear of stories of graduates from higher institutions complaining of joblessness and it makes me giggle! LoL…

Are you a person that loves music? Why not create an audience and inform them about latest music and help upcoming Artists promote their music either free or paid.

Do you like celebrity gists or Entertainment News? Why not open a blog?? Look at Linda Ikeji, she uses her passion for celebrity gists to make money and create her audience Linda Ikeji is currently the number 1 female blogger in the Nigeria & Linda Ikeji’s blog is currently number 13 in Nigeria.

 Do you like football? Tell people about it and get your traffics and sport fans and who knows bet9ja, naira bet and others can contact you for some partnership.

You like technology or a tech savvy? Enlighten us about it. Tell us of the latest gadgets in town, help with phone reviews and you would be surprised how far you would go.

You like Stories and Novels? Post them for us to read!
Why waste your time chatting and doing irrelevant things, use your passion and do something better I think I’ve made a point here.

You can also open an Ecommerce website and sell whatever you like online. Just as the likes of Jumia, Konga etc.

There are several platforms to start up a blog with which includes blogger, wordpress, wix, weebly etc. But if you are thinking of which platform to use why don’t you read this comprehensive article: How To Setup A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog And How Much Does it Cost?

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What is a Blog?

According to the dictionary A blog is a Shortened form of weblog. The Oxford English Dictionary says the shortened word was coined May 23, 1999 and references the “Jargon Watch” article in an issue of the online magazine “Tasty Bits from the Technology Front” which attributes the shortening to Peter Merholz who put the following on his web site noun (plural blogs) – (Internet).

A website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal, sometimes letting readers comment on their posts.

 Most blogs are written in a slightly informal tone (personal journals, news, businesses, etc.) Entries (also known as postings) typically appear in reverse chronological order. So you can see that a blog is a website that allows users to share information. The concept of blogging is seen to be a thing for computer geeks which is a wrong impression. You can do it if you are interested. You need no special skill in order to be a blogger.

 Okay,let’s talk about blogging. Before you go into blogging you must have the determination to do it with passion, don’t let the money aspect be it priority because it will fail you. There are several categories of blogs such as news, education, stories, tech, gossip etc. To open a blog you have to choose what suits your interest and what you can cover for your audience to enjoy.

 To be a blogger;
 1) you have to be a thinker, you need to imagine things that will attract people to read and enjoy and even comment or tell their friends about it.

 2) you must have a little knowledge about web designing and web related stuffs or you can just read the guides from other experts using search queries from Google.

3) you must dedicate your time to writing quality posts on your blog, copying isn’t advisable. That’s why you must choose a category where you have a good knowledge.

 As a blogger, I’ve gotten so many compliments as a result of my creative thinking. When I’m somewhere thoughts just come to me like ‘why not write about this, put it this way, thinking of new designs to include so as to attract readers and make them stay longer’. I sleep late most nights because of my passion for blogging. Passion in a right place gets you success in that place.

This next part is what usually goes through the minds of a lot of people thinking of venturing into the online sphere, which is how can they earn lots of $$ from blogging. Lets talk about that below…

 Monetizing my blog
  Do you know Google pays people for what they blog? All you need to do is own your blog, post quality articles, design the blog neatly and apply for Google Adsense, and start earning from your blog.

Read this:How To Get Approved by Google Adsense Easily. Updated Trick For 2017

There are many other companies that pay you for your blog. Just post their adverts or sponsored articles and they can pay you handsomely.

Some challenges bloggers have is receiving their earning easily, but with the introduction of payoneer it has all become easier..

Read all about payoneer HERE and then How To Receive Funds Into Your Payoneer Account.

The most frustrating and difficult part of the blogging is how to create and design a blog. I can do that for you at a subsidized fee, just Contact Us

I hope you’ve found this piece useful. If you did why not share? Feel free to post your questions and inquires below.


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