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Chiropractic Billing Software and Compliant SOAP Notes – 4-Step Training Video


Chiropractic office billing software has become mission critical component for chiropractic office profitability and post-payments audit risk management. Practice management systems automate most clinic operation activities, starting with patient check in, SOAP note editing, insurance claim creation, and medical billing.

Unfortunately, the high level of computer skill required by the prohibitively complex chiropractic office management solutions often hinders the doctor’s ability to use such solutions correctly, especially for compliant visit documentation and billing. Instead of increasing office productivity and efficiency, technology becomes yet an additional obstacle and profitability impediment. Its high cost and user training problems add insult to injury and frustrate even seasoned and accomplished practice owners.

Since insufficient notes are the most frequent reason for failing a post-payment insurance audit, timely filing of compliant SOAP notes and submission of congruent insurance claims are the most mission critical parts of any practice management automation solution. But SOAP notes and insurance billing are also the most complex parts of such solutions, often confusing doctors and assisting personnel and degrading practice profitability. The ability to manage compliant notes in minimal time without delaying the patient flow is especially important in a high-volume practice environment.

Component-driven SOAP notes are both audit-proof compliant and require minimal time spent for visit documentation. Chiropractors using Vericle’s SOAP notes, receive a training video, which has two parts. The first video trains chiropractors taking SOAP notes during the initial visit and the second – during subsequent visits. The training video follows a four-step outline:

  1. Systems menu selection to access patient SOAP notes from Appointment Scheduler
  2. Date and Doctor selection
  3. Component-driven narrative creation for accelerated and compliant editing:
    1. Patient has Subjective complaints
    2. Objective tests show problems that support patient’s complaints
    3. Activities and Daily Living of the patients suffer because of same complaints, which are confirmed by objective tests
    4. Show diagnosis Assessment isolating the problem for treatment
    5. Comprehensive Plan shows specific actions with measurable improvement objectives including starting time, treatment duration, and expected benefit.
  4. Subsequent visit documentation – select existing SOAP note components for change:

    1. Few individual notes can be the same or even show occasional exacerbation
    2. Overall the series of notes demonstrate a trend of improvement across Subjective complaints, Objective tests, and ADLs
    3. Assessment and Plan often stay the same until re-exam

Chiropractors using Vericle system have access to the training video directly from any screen on the system using a special-purpose Wiki (shared knowledge repository on the Web). Combining Wiki with video technology solve many of the difficult training problems of chiropractic office owners and managers for compliant visit documentation and billing. Such combined training solution amplifies the advantages of individual training video materials with Wiki’s ability to reach every chiropractic office, share experience of real-world experts, and help practice owners and managers stay smart at their pace and on just the content they need to know. The “on-demand” nature of an integrated solution enables doctors to learn from experts wherever and whenever it is most convenient to learn.

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