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CoronaVirus a Challenge To The Worlds Technology

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Since time immemorial, man has been at the center to take charge and run the world, having been endowed with the ability to use his initiative to create and invent ways and methods of dealing with the likely futuristic challenges that may confront him in the world.

The numerous challenges man faces in the world forced him to explore and exploit every materials provided by nature to solve all the problems and challenges nature throws on him.
Most of these challenges and problems are in the area of movement that led to the invention of various means of transportation such as cars, planes and ships. Electricity and machines invented by man appears to be the very epicenter of discoveries and inventions that have vent and speedily short at every sphere of human development.
To remain healthy and alive, man vied into the invention of various scientific medicines and medications. The health challenges occasioned by harsh weather and other man made human discomforts and sicknesses pushed man into scientific explorations that led to the production of various lifesaving medicines, drugs and vaccines.
As if to try man’s inventive abilities, certain illnesses and ailments in their droves have been appearing on the health scene of the world practically tasking scientists to the brink of exhaustion.
In the recent past the world had experienced the cases of some killer viruses and disease that were pandemic in nature and deified the creative ingenuities of the best medical scientists of the world.
Among these recalcitrant and stubbornly resistant viruses whose cure is still elusive to the best brains in medicine is HIV/Aids. Despite the huge resources, time and energy deployed so far by the world medical experts and nations, the world is still at the mercy of the disease. The death toll is equally heart-rending and staggering.
Today, as if to further heighten and worsen the problem of the medical scientists, a fresh virus appeared from the blues and has not only sent the medical experts scampering and whimpering, but has completely overwhelmed them to the point of exhaustion.
This novel virus pandemic is called and known as Corona Virus, Covid 19 for short.
Covid 19 whose origin is traced to China, by it’s nature of affliction and speedy spread is one of dangerous and dreaded viruses that has ever visited mankind in the recent times. The number of victims of the disease is astonishing and terrifying.
It’s on record that within a few months of appearance, Covid 19 has killed almost a million people particularly in America, Italy and Iran among others. This is surprisingly so prevalent despite the highly sophisticated, developed and state of the art hospitals and medical experts in these countries. Even at that the authorities of these developed countries are still not sure when the drugs and vaccine for the treatment will be ready and made available commercially to mitigate against this scourge.
President Donald Trump out of desperation has practically been on the necks of the world medical scientists to come up with the needed palliative drugs and vaccine to halt this threat to human existence from extermination.
As it stands now, Corona Virus, the latest human threat to existence has pushed the best brains in medicine to the brink of hopelessness and despair.

Also in the business world a lot of start ups have suffered immensely from the downturn of the stock market, leading to the shutting down of most public and public outfits and the cry for help from governmental bodies and NGOs. The banking sector has also shut down their doors to the public making the flow of cash difficult thus laying the ground floor for the use of Cryptocurrency. 

With it’s the unbridled and unrestricted human destruction, Corona Virus has boldly challenged and has engaged Science and Technology to an open debacle. And it appears without doubt to be coasting home with victory.

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  1. This virus has impacted negatively on various aspects of life, personally I can relate to the disastrous effects it has had. I hope the world's economy recovers.


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