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Creative Kill Chamber Walkthrough


Most stick figure games tend to be rather simple, I mean it does seem like the reason after all the creator did use stick figures, right? CKC or Creative Kill Chamber definitely adds a little creativity to the meaning “simple”. This game is about a character named Monty who is trapped inside a prison, somehow we must escape using various objects in the game, but believe me that is easier said than done.

The thumbnail for the game made my first impression instinct say, oh this is just another action game, I have seen plenty of these. I decided to take a look at it since the game happened to have a very high rating a large amount of plays, it was actually a point and click stick figure game! I watched the introduction so that I could understand the gameplay/storyline which was very unusual and unique.

First and foremost you should note that this game is only played with the mouse, it’s a point and click action game. There will be parts that are a bit confusing, even I relied on a Creative Kill Chamber Walkthrough here and there to pass certain levels. If you get stuck, start by looking around at obvious clues,look for objects that seem out of place or look rather unusual, this will save us a lot of time and agony.

Throughout the game you will earn achievements, each of them can be obtained by using specials and combos, there are a whole list of achievements located around the jail where our main character Monty resides. The game contains moderate violence and shouldn’t be played by kids under the age of thirteen, while the game in all is really well made and unique, I would have to rate it 8/10.

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