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Requesting Account Deletion

Users who wish to delete their ExpressPal account can do so by sending an account deletion request to the ExpressPal administrative team. Please follow these steps:

  1. Compose an Email: Send an email to giftechsblog@gmail.com from the email address associated with your ExpressPal account.
  2. Subject Line: Use the subject line “Account Deletion Request.”
  3. Include Necessary Information: In the body of the email, please include the following information to facilitate the account deletion process:
    • Your full name.
    • The email address associated with your ExpressPal account.
    • Any additional information that may help us verify your identity.
  4. Confirmation: After receiving your request, we will verify the provided information and may reach out for additional details if needed. Once verified, we will proceed with the account deletion.

Please note that account deletion is a permanent action, and all associated data will be removed from our systems. This process may take a reasonable amount of time to complete.

If you have any questions or encounter difficulties during this process, feel free to contact our support team at giftechsblog@gmail.com or directly from the app.