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Dental Team Training – How to Increase Sales Volumes Without Hiring More Staff


One of the biggest challenges dentists face is learning how to increase dental production without hiring new dental staff.

What I am going to do for you today is share one of the largest gaps in production that is seen in virtually every dental operatory. However, this gap is a quick fix and can make an incredible difference.

Dentists are typically providing responsive dentistry, meaning that they see a problem and then respond to it.

In the medical field, it is considered malpractice to treat before diagnosis. However in the dental practices that I visit, I rarely see full, comprehensive diagnosis.

If the dental team spent more time educating the patient, there would be a large increase in production. Simply put, people want to have good health. In the rare occasion people will deny treatment simply because they can not afford it.

Unfortunately though, many dental teams assume that patients cannot afford treatment. So they never actually spend the time diagnosing and educating the patient on their dysfunction.

One concept that we have been teaching for years is:

Before you “sell” or educate about a dental solution you MUST “sell” or educate about the problem (occlusal dysfunction or dental disease in this case).

How to Treat More Cases Without Hiring More Staff

Since the key is to dig deep enough into patients’ problems so that they take ownership, you need to set systems in place to have your assistants and hygienists be educating the patient during the entire process.

Here are some times during the dental visit that you can dig deep into conversation and educate the patient about his or her problems:

  • Photos of the patient’s mouth and teeth
  • Before and After Cases
  • Pain reception during palpation exams
  • Blood from inflamed gums during pocket probing
  • Diagnostic test such as X-rays and occlusal analyses

By teaching your dental staff the same principles you are learning at your continuing education classes, they will in-turn be able to communicate these principles to the patients.

Then, you should focus on always selling health. Patients can only accept treatments that are offered to them.

Yes, sometimes patients will wait weeks, months, years, before accepting treatments, but they can NEVER accept treatments that are not offered to them.

Get your staff on board and doing the majority of the selling and educating on your behalf. The most successful dentists will get better results from their team merely because the staff spends more time with patients than does the dentist.

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