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Download Opera News and Win Upto N1000 Worth Of Airtime Instantly


Opera News is a news app with a powerful recommendation engine designed to keep you on top of all the things you love to read and watch and rewards you with airtime for being consistent.

You might think this is some kind of prank or joke, maybe you may had similar encounter with other apps lying about giving you free airtime for downloading their software and apps or taking surveys.

Well this is as real as it can get as we all know Opera and how long they have been in play. They can’t just deceive their users. I recently received my own airtime and I would upload the screenshot soon.

Opera just launched its new app called Opera News, in Africa with more than 1M downloads in less than few weeks, Opera News is on path to become the number one news app in Africa.

Opera Software announced today the official launch of Opera News, a new AI-powered app which enables people to access their favorite news articles and hottest trending videos.

Sounds cool right! OK before you continue reading download the app via this link Opera News Reward and claim your airtime reward!..

Screenshot proof below..

From the screenshot after claiming the bonus if you want to receive it to any number of your choice, then click on buy airtime option .

The release of the new app follows Opera’s recent announcement that its AI-powered news service inside Opera Mini grew to more than 100 million active users in less than a year, showing an incredible interest in news globally.

Opera News delivers a variety of trending news and entertaining videos and gets smarter with each use. In addition to delivering great content, Opera News can also save up to 80% of your mobile data use thanks to Opera’s unique data-saving capabilities.

Opera chooses Africa First strategy.

Last year, the company outlined plans to invest $100 million USD in the African market. Today, Opera announces further expansion of these plans by launching its “Africa First” strategy. This strategy means that Opera will develop and launch its mobile products.

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