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Dropship Guru Says to Keep Accessories on Hand


People become involved with dropshipping due to the profitable nature of it. Probably the greatest strength of dropshipping would be the low overhead associated with not having to maintain a large inventory. Additionally, the fact that the items will be shipped by a third party also cuts down on costs and increases efficiency. As a result, the potential to amass huge profits through a streamlined, low cost, internet marketing/mail order business is enhanced.

However, top gurus in the industry promote the notion you need a few accessories and samples on hand.

Samples, Accessories, and Inventory Increase Company Success Potential

While it is certainly a positive thing that you need to maintain your own inventory, a certain problem can arise. Namely, you do not have the opportunity to physically see or handle the items.

This can create a few potential setbacks in terms the dropshippers ability to effective market the products, handle customer service inquiries, or understand when it may be necessary to switch to new items in a listing inventory.

How To Overcome the Accessory Stumbling Block

Procure Samples. The way around such a problem is relatively simple. It would not hurt to keep at least a minor amount of samples within your inventory. Yes, it will cost a small amount of money to purchase such items. Consider the cost an investment that will aid and enhance your ability to do business at a later date. And besides, the costs associated with such a process are not as expansive as you think. Often, you may only need to acquire samples of your top dropship sellers.

Keep Accessories Available. It is never a good idea to have no items on hand when you are in the dropshipping business. Some may take this approach but it is a fairly risky one. This is doubly true when the issue of accessories for purchases is concerned. Mainly, when you have immediate access to accessories you can utilize them in an expedient manner. If the need arises where access to accessories is required, you do not have to have several weeks for the item to arrive. You can have it on hand for immediate access.

Improve Customer Satisfaction. When a customer wishes to make a purchase of an accessory, the customer would probably want it as soon as possible. If you had to order the accessory from the main warehouse, the time it takes to ship to the customer would be much longer than if you simply mailed the accessory the same day you received the customer’s request. Needless to say, customers that are not kept waiting will often be much more satisfied than those that are left hanging.

What to Do Now?

Determine the samples and accessories that are needed in stock right now and purchase them. Upon receiving them, properly catalogue and store them for future use. This will enhance business operations immensely.

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