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Dropshipping Forum – Leveraging Your Online Profile to Get Business


Usually, an online dropshipping forum is a place where retailers, wholesalers, suppliers create posts or reply to existing threads. Think of these forums as business networking in the wired world. You can find many business leads on these forums: information on wholesale deals, US wholesalers and UK traders, trade shows and auction notifications, and so on. There is one more use you can put your membership to.

Attracting Business Associates

Finding suppliers, as all retailers know, is not easy. The problem is even more difficult for small businesses, where sellers work from home through their computer to sell products on a dropship basis.

A major reason you find few US wholesalers – and even fewer wholesalers in other countries – involved in dropshipping is that they are not aware of the potential of dropshipping. Many large dealers think it a waste of time and effort. When they are already getting high volume bulk orders from retail stores and traders, they don’t want to get involved with the hassles of packaging, labeling, and shipping a single item or two via dropship.

You, the online retailer, can use your profile to “convert” unwilling wholesalers into dropshippers. Most wholesalers on a dropshipping forum are already aware of the concept. Nonetheless, if there is a wholesaler who is offering a good deal but admits that they want only inventory-purchasing customers, you could use your profile to display your dropshipping expertise.

Second, the retailer can and should use their profile to convince existing dropshippers to do business with them. Here are some tips on how to maximize business networking through your dropshipping forum profile:

  1. Put relevant, professional information in the “About Me” column. Don’t disclose personal information such as phone number and street address. It is strongly recommended that you add a link to your ecommerce website, eBay profile, or dropshipping blog to get more customers.
  2. Provide a photo. This will help you stand out from other profiles without a picture. If you don’t want to disclose your identity, use a neutral – but appropriate – photo. Be creative. You can use your existing company logo, or design a new one.
  3. There is a feature that allows the dropshipping forum member to see who is visiting their profile. Check this every day. If your profile is not attracting the right wholesalers, it might be time to change the profile settings and information.
  4. Use the private messaging service to contact potential business associates, suppliers, and merchants. Do not EVER use it to spam or send messages that look like promotional hype.
  5. Join relevant social groups on the forum and spread the word.

A few intelligent additions or changes enable the retailer to find wholesale deals through a dropshipping forum.

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