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DVD Movies Dropship Wholesalers – How to Locate Elusive DVD Wholesalers


There are so many people looking for reliable DVD movies dropship wholesalers these days. Selling digital video discs online using a business model called dropshipping is like having two surefire business successes. DVDs are selling like hot cakes and dropshipping, the future of e-commerce is thriving now. The hardest part however in starting an online D-V-D store is how to locate reliable dropship suppliers.

Conduct extensive research. The easiest way to find DVD movies dropship wholesalers is research where they are most likely found – eBay. EBay is host to hundreds of middle sellers. If you are lucky enough to have a friend in the business, you will not have a hard time getting information. Do not expect to get information from independent sellers who run their own websites though. Also, if you don’t have much connection, you may expect sellers to be a little greedy.

One trick that works in the business is to pretend to be a buyer and inquire about their supplier. If this does not click, then you should purchase a DVD. The seller will be grateful and give you the info you want. Just be a little creative here.

Ask the renters. Your rental membership can also be your ticket to your dropshipping success. If you rent frequently, either online or from a physical store, then it would be easy for you to inquire about their sources. As long as you keep your dropshipping interests disguised, it won’t be difficult.

Join discussion boards. Quality and dependable DVD movies dropship wholesalers are elusive on the internet. They don’t have websites. But, you can always be among those who are interested about dropshipping movies. Be a member of forum sites that talk about the subject. Share your ideas, build a reputation, and in no time, you can get the information you want. This option takes time however, so be patient.

Spend on wholesale directories. Perhaps this is your ultimate option. There are a number reliable sources and websites where you can get a list of digital video disc wholesalers. In fact, you will be surprised to know about Chinese suppliers that offer incredibly low priced movie titles. The only drawback to this option is that you need to pay for the information. It will cost you roughly $200.

To locate such reliable dropship wholesalers, you only need creativity, resourcefulness, patience, and making a one-time payment fee. Just remember to get as many wholesale suppliers as possible when you’ve found the right ones. It is actually through these DVD movies dropship wholesalers that you will get high volume of DVD orders.

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