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Earn Money Working From Home, Let eBay Be Your Dropshipping Cash Cow


If you want to earn money working from home, let eBay be your cash cow. Typically people believe that eBay is a place where you can make a few bucks selling stuff you found in the attic after spring cleaning. Most of them fail at first to make the connection that If your attic were actually a warehouse full of products you could be selling things all day long on eBay and making a tidy profit.

You don’t actually have to own a warehouse full of stuff to sell like that on eBay. There are companies out there who actually have that warehouse and are looking for people like you to sell that stuff on eBay. If you want to earn extra money at home, this is a great way to do it. You simply sign up with these wholesale companies and they provide you a catalog of products you can sell on eBay or any other website for that matter. After you make the sale, you let them know about it and they pack up what ever you sold out of their warehouse and ship it to your customer. You get to keep the difference in price between what you sold it for and what the wholesaler is charing you. You set the prices for your customers so you can make as much or as little profit as you like.

This process is called DropShipping Its a lot more exciting that trying to earn money typing. This is legitimate work from home. There are thousands of people doing it all over the world. There are millions upon millions of products out there that you can sell. From 2008 to 2013 retail eCommerce sales are expected to see approximately 8.8% compounded annual growth. eCommerce sales reached about $133.6 billion in annual sales. That is a lot of money. DropShipping is a great way to earn money working from home. You simply put your products up for sale on eBay, or you can put them up on your own website.

There are seven steps to this process

  1. Get a tax ID from the state tax commission
  2. Obtain a DropShipping supplier
  3. Select products from your supplier’s catalog that you want to carry in your storefront
  4. Choose a the platform for your storefront
  5. Manage your inventory
  6. Handle customer service issues
  7. Pocket the profits

When you establish a relationship with a DropShipper you must realize that you will be taking advantage of a large chunk of their infrastructure. They aren’t going to simply give that to you for free. It’s going to cost somewhere between $2 to $5 dollars per item, on top of the price they charge you for each. You’ll have to account for that in the price you charge your customers. This is often best dealt with by choosing to sell niche items like flat screen TVs, GPS systems or digital cameras, products that have a good sales margin.

I’ve been involved with the same The DropShippers for years I would be happy to recommend a good one if you are interested. Just send me an email through the link below.

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