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eBay Dropship Profits – The Secrets to Serious Money on eBay


eBay dropship profits can be huge if you do your research and find reliable wholesalers to work with. Dropshipping means that you auction items that you buy from wholesalers who give you very good prices. Your goal is to make a profit on each and every item you sell, in other words to buy low and sell high. When bidding is done and payment received you forward the customer’s shipping information to the wholesaler and they ship the goods.

It is obvious that the wholesalers you select to work with are a very important decision. You are reliant on these wholesalers to keep their end of the bargain by shipping the correct items promptly. Their mistakes will cost you customers.

Dropship clubs offer inexpensive memberships and are an invaluable resource when researching wholesalers. They get bargains from many manufacturers thus giving you access to a wide array of items for your auctions. Dropship clubs get large discounts as volume buyers which you as a small buyer would not be able to get. If you are a new dropshipper, a club membership is very advisable to help you with honest information, advice from experienced dropshippers and access to a large variety of products.

If you do not join a club, be aware that researching wholesalers is very time consuming and you may not get the real picture anyway. Libraries, websites and print media are all good sources for information about manufacturers. Deal only with reputable companies with a history of dealing honestly with dropshippers.

The consensus among dropshippers seems to be that if you do not belong to a dropship club, you are risking total failure. By joining a dropship club and using their resources, eBay dropship profits will start to roll into your pocket.

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