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Factors to Consider in Buying RAM


RAM, also known as Random Access Memory, refers to the most common computer memory. RAM can be used by programs to perform needed tasks once the computer is turned on. RAM is also considered an integrated circuit (IC) memory chip that allows information to be stored or accessed in any order. It is true All storage locations of RAM are equally accessible.

There are significant factors to consider in buying a RAM. For example, computers that run graphic design programs (those used by web designers, video editors, etc.) generally need more memory (RAM) than computers used for uncomplicated word processing operations. To know how much memory your computer should have varies on the size of the software you plan to run.

Desktop or laptop computers save data in two ways. One is on the hard drive which is also called as the permanent memory and the other one is in random access memory which is also known as the temporary memory where information is saved while the software is running. RAM, being a chip-based storage inside the computer has the stored memory which is typically measured in megabytes (MBs).

Buyers should consider several factors in buying a new RAM. First time computer buyers should look for models with at least 512 MBs of RAM or more. It will vary depending on what type of programs you’ll be running. Make sure that computer devices such as this can be upgraded and this goes with the motherboard.

Nowadays, most computers use a type of memory technically called as DDR2. However, there is also called DDR3 which is now finally making its way to PC systems. In terms of pricing, DDR3 is quite more expensive than DDR2. Specs wise, it is best to have at least 2GB of memory in any computer system and preferably 4GB. Of course the faster memory speed your computer provides the better performance it gives.

Since random-access-memory is what the computer uses to run applications and data on your operating system, it should really provide higher specifications. Individuals with technical experience generally agreed that computer users need at least 256MB for Windows XP and Mac OS X. For other operating systems in Windows or Mac, you will just need lower specs like128MB or so.

So if the main purpose of your computer is game playing or heavy graphic work, always check the video RAM. Desktop computers can easily be upgraded. But when it comes to notebook technology, (where each new generation always comes up in the market) RAM keeps increasing. So be careful to choose the one that really suits your need. Decide what kind of system you will need, and go for it.

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