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Five Tips to Buying a Mini Notebook Computer


Mini notebook computers have been around for a while and they’ve been the most popular small computers to buy, no wonder, for their little price and diverse functionality you are most probably never going to regret buying one. There are quite a few different types on the market though, so following a few simple steps to buy one is advised.

1. Decide if you even need a netbook. Some people miss this step and they end up not using it. Don’t be fooled by the low price, these computers are good for many things, just make sure you’re aware of their limitations and are happy with them.

2. Choose one that will serve you for a long time. There is no need to spend $350 if the netbook spends more time being repaired than in your backpack. Don’t choose a cheaper variation just because it is cheaper. If you want a really good deal, always consider the big brands too, Lenovo, MSI, Asus and Toshiba are all respected laptop manufacturers, their products are not likely to fail anytime soon.

3. Choose a notebook that is powerful enough. There are quite a few notebooks built on the same basics. The relatively slow Intel Atom processor, the gigabyte of memory and integrated video card is good for a lot of things; heavy gaming and video encoding are not amongst these activities. Think about an average day and make sure the notebook can keep up with your pace.

4. Don’t be fooled by large screens. Some people think the larger the computer screen the more powerful the computer will be, simply because there is more space in the casing for the manufacturer to use more powerful components. This assumption is wrong, if you don’t have access to unsolicited reviews about the particular model, at least read the feature list with extra attention paid to processor speed, hard disk drive size, amount of memory and resolution of the screen. Choose one that is at least 10″ in size, but don’t think 12″ computers are better because they’re bigger.

5. Don’t jump into buying one you like. There are several dozens of different mini notebook computers, and if there is one you think would be great to have, there might be better choices as well. Give it some time; think about the model, read reviews. There is nothing more frustrating than buying your dream notebook just to realize the day after that you could have gotten a better one for even less.

Choosing one is not particularly hard if you take a few extra steps to stay on the safe side of the road. People who buy a computer because they saw it in an ad, or the price seemed to be particularly low are those who write rude reviews about a computer. Once you are clear about your goals, you can decide if a netbook is for you.

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