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Four Most Essential Tips for Android 4.2


Android 4.2 has made it to the Verizon Galaxy, although it has been more than a couple of months now but there are still things that you need to know. As soon as an upgrade is available, you are notified for upgrade. For all those who are still wondering if this version has something nice to bring to their handset then they need to probe further. Though we know that the latest version is Android 4.2.2 but even 4.1 have a lot to add and make your Smartphone experience better. Let us take a look at 4 most essential tips that you can apply and have enhanced user experience with Android 4.2.

Lock Screen Widgets

The initial thing that comes along with this version is the locked screen widgets. These widgets are the best-added feature of 4.2 version. It is one of the most powerful and interesting features of the locked screen. This widget gives you the freedom of live programs running on the locked screen of your device. This enables in quick view and access to the latest updates available. You need not unlock to access these widgets. For example, using the DashClockFor enables you fetching the data of your own choice. Additionally, it comes handy for the kind of data that is safe to display on your home screen. It helps you customize and expand to add various apps and options including current weather, miss call alert, new text message and voice messages.

Apart from all this there are other options too that you can add including Sound search. This is a widget that immediately gives you information on any song that is playing. You will immediately know about the artist name, the song and the album. Additionally, HD widgets helps you in creating an attractive toggle lock for your home screen. This will include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and flashlight of your phone that you can easily toggle.

To apply it:

Swipe to the right-> tap + icon and start adding the options and apps here

Feature of Photo Sphere

The most popular additional feature in the new Android 4.2 is the Photo Sphere. This additional software comes handy for shooting an image with full on 360 degree angle. You also have the freedom to share it across your friend network.

To apply it:

Go to the Camera App, tap the icon that looks like camera located at the bottom corner of the screen. Tap the globe like icon. Now you will start getting automated command prompts, follow them to shoot at 360 degrees and be ready to share it with your friends.

Quick Settings

What if you get to have a feature that enables in creating settings for a quick access? well now with this 4.2 version you have the choice of Quick Settings to make system settings within your notifications pull down menu.

To apply it:

Swipe the screen in downward motion, tap on the upper right corner to reveal Quick Settings. another way to do is swipe with two fingers in the downward motion and you will quickly jump to Quick Settings.

Customizable Wallpaper

Android 4.2 comes with the feature of Daydream. This feature comes handy when you dock your phone. This feature is all about setting a customized screen saver on your home screen that keeps running even when your phone is docked or on charging mode. This only seems beautiful when you know the trick to find the right Daydream screensaver that suits your needs. You can choose from Beautiful Widgets, you can choose any nature inspired screensaver that is animated. For example, you can choose a weather based screen saver that enables you in getting the latest news on weather of your local area.

To apply it:

Settings->Display-> Daydream

Other Additions

Other additions that come with Android 4.2 includes security features, enhanced keyboard support and swipe typing facility. SwiftKey Flow is yet another functionality that enables in ease of typing for a user.

The above mentioned are the four most essential tips that you can apply to get started with the Android 4.2 version.



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