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Frontline Commando (D-Day) 2022 Download and Installation Guide

In the gaming world the urge for the taste of a new exciting adventure never ceases! Perhaps you might have been on the lookout for something new to spice up your days, well FL Commando is a highly recommended solution for that.
Frontline Commando (D-Day) is a fun, action-packed
shooter game in which you can experience all of the
emotion of World War 2.
Frontline Commando (D-Day) is well known and iconic events in history, the freedom of Europe
that features the most ambitious and largest Allied
invasion against the Axis powers in World War 2.
D-Day is a third-person action game set during World
War 2 in which players can control one of the army
soldiers who took part in the popular Normandy
landings. It allows you to have a real life experience of the action during those days right in your smartphone.
In Frontline Commando (D-Day), players can participate
in five different campaigns which have a total of 145
missions based on actual beach landings, full voice-
overs, precise controls, and more.
You will find more than one hundred levels full of enemies
and death, and come face-to-face with Nazi soldiers. You will also encounter armor tanks and even enemy warplanes.
To face all of the enemies that cross your path, you’ll have a big arsenal full of weapons that range from the
traditional Thomson machine guns from that period to heavy weaponry or special futuristic weapons.
The setup of Frontline Commando (D-Day) will be
familiar for any video game fan since they include all of
the topics included in other third-person shooter games
(an overhead camera, cover, and lots of action).
Requirements to Download Frontline Commando (D-day)
Among the minimum requirements to be able to successfully download and install the FL commando software, a 1GB Ram device is needed and a free Storage space of about 400MB. The game runs on Android version 2.1+.

How to download and Install Frontline Commando (D-Day) APK and OBB files

To download the above stated files follow this link Here. This files are safe to use as it has be verified.
This format is APK, so it can be installed directly using
the normal Android package installer and should run perfectly. Incase you are experiencing any difficulties discuss them in the comments section below and we’ll assist you.

Method 2 for downloading the Obb file using Apkpure Xapk files

Installing the APK and OBB files separately, and doing this manually can be so I’d be difficult but I’ll be updating you with a plan b or alternate route.

These method would breakdown and provide you with an easier way to do this with the help of an application. Using APKpure for this case study. Apkpure large applications are coded in an XAPK format.

XAPK is a different package file format used on the Android OS to install large android applications. It’s a bit similar to the APK format but it’s of an entirely different build, and it’s mostly not just easily supported except you go through the proper channels.

To make these understandable, let me give an illustration, XAPK file = APK file + OBB file = Base APK file + Splitted APK files.

The XAPK is difficult to install and can cause a big headache if you don’t use a handy tool. APKPure App’s XAPK Installer got you covered.

Follow the steps below to do this:
Step 1: Download and install APKPure app on their official website Apkpure.com

Step 2: Then download the Frontline commando (D-Day) XAPK file from the link below.

Note that this file and other apks can also be found on the APKPure app, it’s just like Playstore
Step 3: Open the APKPure app that you just installed, and navigate to “App Management”, then to “APK/XAPK Management.

If you are still having difficulties mention them in the comments section below.


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