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Getting Acquainted With the 3 Types of Mouses


Basically there are three types of mouse, namely: mechanical, optomechanical and optical. Let us take a closer look on what they can do.

1. The mechanical mouse. With a rubber or metal ball underneath, these type of mice can roll in any direction. The mechanical sensors inside identify the direction in which the ball is going and the lets the pointer to move on the screen in the same direction. It requires a mouse pad to work properly.

2. The optomechanical mouse. It is almost like the mechanical one but this uses optical or laser sensors to make the ball move. Like the mechanical mice, they require a mouse pad in order to move.

3. The optical mouse. These have optical or laser sensors beneath but do not require a mouse pad in order to move. However, you can use one that is exclusively made for optical mice. These mice have no mechanical moving parts. They are quick to respond and are more exact than the mechanical and optomechnical mice. They are moderately priced.

How do you hook up these mice to a computer?

– The Serial mouse directly connects to a PS/2 port or an RS-232C serial port, which is the simplest type of connection.

– The PS/2 mouse links to a PS/2 port.

– The USB mice can be plugged in front or at the back of your computer.

– The Cordless mice mice are not connected physically to the computer. They depend on the infrared or radio waves to send communication to the computer. They cost more than the bus and serial mice. Although its being cordless is a welcome change.

There are, however, some qualifications which you need to look into on the various types of mice. One of these is the functions of the different buttons. A computer mouse can have at least one to four buttons depending on the manufacturer. The two mouse button is the most frequently used wherein the main button is on the left side. There are computer mice, especially for gaming, which have five or more buttons giving them access to different functions.

To sum it up, these computer mice appears to be more functional with the scroll wheel, which is very useful with long pages of documents. This is because it can be turned upward and downward in navigating in a page just like the up and down arrows on the keyboard.

As an alternative to this scroll wheel, a button is designed on the center to perform the same functions. They need to be pressed at the top or beneath, though, to work. It doesn’t matter if you are using Laptop or a desktop computer as navigating with any of these different types of computer mouse is easier.

Knowing the different qualities of a mouse and evaluating your needs will help you qualify which type of mouse will perfectly suit you. Before investing into a new mouse, better do a bit of researching so you can get the best out of your purchase.

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