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Glo Blackberry Plans Officially Discounted

This is to inform you that Glo Blackberry subscription of N1000 has been discontinued hence you won’t be able to subscribe again for that amount. Although most people are aware but I just wanted to remind others.
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Glo Blackberry N1,000 For 3GB Has Been Discontinued
Rashague who entered glo admin office left a lot of people amazed. It is a sad news but you just have to hear it out. Glo that has been saving life since 1900 and now has decided to kill the lives they’ve saved.
When I dialed *777# and this is what I found
Glo blackberry plans officially discounted
So if you still want to continue using this same Glo plan on your android device, then you need to go for any of the above plan.
Note that:-Those codes above are not yet tested so if you wanna give it a try do that of the #400 own first if it, worked perfectly then you can subscribe for the plan of N1500. But why worry your self by subscribing such a costly bundle when you can Subcribe to a far cheaper glo plan?


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