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Guy Gets Girl – Tiffany Taylor’s Dating Guide, Should You Buy It?


If you are a guy looking for a dating manual to buy and thinking that you should buy it, here is a review you must read.

I have gone through many dating manuals on the net looking for dating techniques designed to improve a man’s prowess to get a girl and keep her. It is rare to come across something as comprehensive as Guy gets Girl. It actually is not just one manual, but three manuals in one. Another thing is that it is not dry as dust, but very interesting to read.

The best part is that it is written by a woman. Women know how other women think, and the author Tiffany Taylor tells it like it is. I have never come upon any other manual by a woman who tells men how easy it is to get women into your bed. Is it betrayal of the sisterhood? I don’t really know and I don’t care. The thing is that it is effective.

The manual gives you information about how a woman’s mind works. What is not normally known and Ms. Taylor tells us is that for a woman emotion and feeling is what matters. It is of prime importance just like logic and reason is for a man. Logic does not work. If she feels that she has to like something or do something, a woman will act upon it. Logic really takes a back seat. So the game plan is to make a woman “feel” good and safe, and she is yours.

The great thing one learns from this e-book is how to use mind games to get a woman attracted to you. Ms. Taylor calls it emotional switches or attraction triggers. Once you know where the buttons are, it is a simple matter of switching them on. This is really encouraging for a man who actually is not scoring well at the dating games.

There are three books the Beginner level, the Intermediate level and the Advanced level. You do not need to read them in this very order, but it helps to do so. If you are feeling conscious about your inadequacies and are nervous, the book helps you get confident and become an advanced player in the dating game. As Ms. Taylor says, you do not need to worry if you are ugly, fat, poor or bald. You need to get inside the woman’s head and she will forget logic and love to be with you. It is not mind control and hypnosis. It is simply the matter of knowing how a woman thinks.

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