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Hangaroo – A Game Worth Playing


Here’s the logic behind the game- Hangaroo. The central idea of the game is to complete a particular phrase using only the letters that have been provided to the player who is represented on the screen by a cute little animated character known as the Hangaroo. The main objective of the game is to not only complete the phrase given to the player but also do it in the minimum possible time. Its filled with plenty of terms and phrases displayed in random order each time you play. While playing, be prepared for cheers and jeers from the cuddly ‘roo – they aren’t too kindly to incorrect guesses.

The more mistakes that a player makes in guessing the phrase and filling the gaps, more will be the props that will be awarded to the kangaroo, who is the opponent and this will make him the winner towards the end of the game in the long run. Also, the higher number of times a player fails in completing the puzzle, the higher will be the chances of the kangaroo getting wings and flying away making players strive to work harder.

What is even more interesting is that the Kangaroo will taunt and nag the Hangaroo constantly to prompt him to make the right guesses, which indirectly means that he does not take lightly to mistakes being made by him (the player).

This game is a much better and upgraded version of Hangman and has a lot more phrases and words for players to complete. An estimated figure is around eight thousand! This surely guarantees thousands of hours of fun and learning and the permutations and combinations can be virtually unlimited. Moreover, the level of difficulty can be set according to your preferences.

Here are some other salient features of the game:

i. The “Did You Know,” section displays interesting facts about the phrases and helps you complete them.

ii. The newly upgraded eFlash system and improved volume controls make the game much better and user-friendly.

iii. Easy setup and un-installation features are a boon as they even help players to revert back to restart the game or revert to previous words or phrases at any point of time.

iv. Web developers and even players can easily create or modify games according to their whims and wishes.

v. And ultimately, the end of Hangaroo is far from obvious and there are even multiple ending scenarios that will certainly make for a nail-biting finish.

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