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Harley Davidson Billiards Products


The Harley name was born from roadside pubs and pool halls and it’s only fitting that the legendary brand name is emblazoned on an entire collection of billiards products. The classic Harley billiards collection features well-designed, high quality pool playing products including pool cues, billiard table covers, ball racks, spectator chairs, ball sets and billiard chalk all decked out with traditional Harley Davidson logos and familiar orange and black colors.

Get any game of pool off to the right start with genuine Harley Davidson ball racks. From the Roadhouse collection come two superb ball racks, one made of fine hardwood and the other featuring heavy duty PVC with a midnight chrome finish. Both racks are regulation size and are made to hold standard 2-1/4″ balls. For a great starter set check out the Harley rack collection that includes a wood rack, table brush and cue ball with eagle and shield logo.

When you’re ready to break make sure all the balls on the table carry the authentic Harley name and logo. Harley Davidson manufactures a complete set of regulation size billiard balls with tournament legal weight roundness and balance. Each of the solid and stripe balls feature custom engraved Bar & Shield logo with accenting flames as does the cue ball and black 8 ball. For a more intense layout consider the Harley Skull billiard set that includes grey and white billiard balls with a menacing skull design on each ball along with the Harley Davidson name.

Harley Davidson also manufactures a complete line of pool cues including bridges, jump cues and standard billiard cue sticks. The Wood Winged cue is a stellar pool cue that is made from two pieces of high grade maple wood and features vibrant four color graphics including flames and wheels with wings. The Wood Winged is standard 58″ in length and weighs in at a regulation 19 oz. Another hard maple cue designed by Harley Davidson is the intimidating Collection Skull two-piece cue stick that features a 1-piece butt construction with adjustable weight bolt system, butt plate and custom Bar & Shield stopper. With wood-to-wood joint construction and sturdy 3/8″ threaded stainless steel pin connection.

Complete your Harley themed billiard room with a great selection of pool game accessories including rugged and durable billiard table cloths, hardwood construction wall racks for cue sticks, billiard chalk and a variety of sturdy pool cue carrying cases to show up at the game in style.

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