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How Outfy Can Increase Your eBay Sales


Are you a seller on eBay? If you are, one of the things you want out of it is to make a profit. You’ve done everything to make your products look well in their photos. You have also built up a reliable and dependable profile. Yet, the sales aren’t where you want them. That’s where outside sources come in to help you.

Have you heard of or tried Outfy? It’s a website that can help you increase sales from your eBay seller profile. It has a variety of services and tools to help you achieve your profit goals. One of the best ways to increase your eBay sales is to invest in social media promotion, which is exactly what this ingenious tool can help you with.

Why Choose Outfy

Outfy offers its users a quick and easy solution to share their products on different social media platforms.

It groups all your social media in one place and keeps track of which them perform better than others. It’s like having a dashboard where you can organize and manage all your social media. You can “collect” your products from your eBay seller profile and share it on your social media platforms within seconds.

Outfy supports the following social media platforms:





You won’t have to keep track of different social media accounts again with Outfy’s simple solution.

How Outfy Can Increase Your eBay Sales

Outfy offers a variety of tools and services to help increase your sales and traffic to your eBay store. In this section, I’ll outline the different tools you can use.

Set Posts to “Autopilot”

When you set your store to “autopilot” it saves you a lot of time from posting yourself. You can set and change your daily or weekly posting schedule. To make your posts sound more authentic don’t use the robotic generated themes and hashtags.

Impactful SALE Promotions

You can make your product photos look more professional with this tool. It lets you create the image you want without the need for graphic design knowledge.

Connect All Stores

If you sell products on sites other than eBay you can connect them all through Outfy. Just like Gmail accounts, you can switch between them easily without signing in and out.

Auto Sync

Outfy syncs up with your eBay store so any changes you make on your selling page is automatically done with Outfy. It saves you a lot of time making sure each place has the same text and there aren’t any discrepancies.

Budget Friendly

You pay for what you use instead of a monthly bill or auto charge to your credit or debit card. Basically, you pay per post which is about 2.5 cents at the lowest. Or, you can buy a bundle of posts that never expire. This makes it easy for you to control your budget and grow your eBay seller account.

Outfy on the Go

To help you manage your eBay store even after you leave the house, Outfy has a mobile app that works for both Apple and Android products. It has all the same features to help keep your business on top.

I hope this post has convinced you to give Outfy a try! I’m sure, like other users, you’ll like it and see your eBay sales grow!

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