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How to Activate And Use The ‘Do not Disturb’ Feature on Android


Most of us that uses Android smartphone have
not really explored some of the important features
on your device. Android devices can do amazing
things beyond your widest imagination. Today, I’ll
talk on the ‘Do not Disturb’ Feature .

Do Not Disturb has been around since Android
5.0 Lollipop . Its like silent mode on steroids. It
can silence your phone quickly or automatically,
but also allow certain people and apps to break
Do Not Disturb” allows you to limit or completely
silence notifications and alerts on your device.

You can use Do not disturb to
· Automatically limit sounds at night or
during events
· Mute interruptions other than alarms, so
you wake up on time
· Get alerted to calls and messages only
from favorite contacts

3 Ways to Limit Vibrations and Sound
Total silence
 – To completely mute your phone
so that it doesn’t make a sound or vibrate,
choose “Total silence.”
Alarms only
 – To mute your phone so that you’ll
still hear your alarm, choose “Alarms only.” This
option won’t mute sounds from music, videos,
games, or other media.
Priority only 
– Mutes everything except alarms,
people, reminders, and events that you choose.

Which Phone is Eligible For This Feature?
So long you are using Android 5.0 and above,
you should have this features. 

How To Activate The Do not Disturb Feature 

>>Go to settings
>>Click on Do not Disturb
>>Navigate through the 3 options available and
choose the one that suit you with settings.
Note that some of you might see “Always allow
disturbances”, “Only allow exceptions” and
Silence all disturbances depending on the version
of Android you are using.

Have you tried using this feature? Drop your experience in the comments  below . 


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