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How to analyze your PC’s disc space usage

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Thanks to the rapid advances in technology,
PCs (and the operating systems that run on them) have become smart enough to automatically organize the innumerable stored files. Now the only problem we encounter is how to analyze and check usage in other free up spaces if needed. Today I’ve written an article on how to analyze the PC’s disc space usage using Disk Analyzer Pro. 

For those looking for a more advanced application that can provide a comprehensive analysis of the hard disk space consumption of a PC, Disk Analyzer Pro is the perfect solution. The application can identify large-sized files and folders and also delete obsolete files that haven’t been used for a while, to free up hard disk space.

Disk Analyzer Pro generates detailed space consumption reports, grouping files based on attributes such as file size, date of creation and ownership. You can also specify custom search terms while searching for unwanted files and folders for more effective search results.

The application can even find temporary internet files that get accumulated on the hard disk over time and delete them. Disk Analyzer Pro creates a list of both the largest sized and oldest unused files on the computer. Users can view detailed report of duplicate files, add unwanted files to zipped archives, generate file ownership reports and even check the disk space usage of network drives. 

In addition to that, Disk Analyzer Pro also makes it possible run custom search commands with filters, create custom file type reports and export them in a variety of formats such as HTML, CSV and HTML. However, majority of the features are available in the paid pro edition.
The feature restricted version though, is free to download and use. Interestingly, Disk Analyzer Pro is developed by an IT company based in India.


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