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How to Control Your TV Using Apple iOS Smartphones and Their Apps

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Are you tired of operating your tv with a plastic remote? Well you have arrived at the right place to learn something new. 
Smartphones really keeps getting smarter by the day as new programmes, programmers and cool stuffs keeps pulling in from everywhere. In this case, we’re talking about using your Apple smartphone as a Remote control to power send commands to your television. It’s a really cool concept and with some apps, you can be able to do so. Do you wanna know what those apps are? Keep reading. 

Android remote controls are everywhere. There are so many of them in the playstore and most are free. But, When it comes to Apple ios, it’s not so common. due to its restrictions to developers, it doesn’t have much applications which you can use to control your electronic home appliances with your iPhone or iPad. But we’ve managed to comb up some. The apps listed here can be used to control your TV, DVD, AC etc with your iPhone or iPad 

1# iOS app for controlling TV: iRule For iPhone

This is the very first i will recommend, and the app is free on iTunes Store, specially designed to control your Smart device through your ios device like iPhone or iPad.

This apps and more can be downloaded from playstore. 

1# iOS app for controlling TV: Google Tv Remote

This is another cool apple app for your ios device by Google Inc. This app is freely available for your ios devices and controls all the Wireless Connections enabled devices from your iPhone, iPad or other ios devices.

I don’t know if there are any other apps for this purpose now so if you have any, you can share with us.


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