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How To Disable Facebook Video Auto-play On Android And PC

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Aside from changing the look of the Facebook user interface with the recent update, which hasn’t been that warmly welcomed by users, there is yet another Facebook feature that can be quite annoying: video auto-play. Not only do you not always want to see what people are showing, but this also uses up more of the data (if your plan isn’t unlimited) and battery of your Android. Here is how to disable this feature on Android and PC.

For Facebook on your Android
Facebook may want you to watch videos all day, but you don’t have to. To do this, swipe to the furthest tab on the Facebook app for Android and tap on App Settings. Right there under the General Settings, tap on ‘Video Auto-Play’ and set it to Off. Normally, Facebook has it set by default to on, but now you can manually bypass this.

For Facebook on your PC
When on the Facebook website on your personal computer, you can switch this feature off completely, though it won’t affect the settings on your phone. Sadly, the features on the website do not often coincide with the ones on Android, which we discovered with the privacy and security settings for Facebook. Go to settings, then videos and from the drop down menu, select off.

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Did you figure it out? What other features do you wish you could disable? Drop your requests in the comment section below.


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