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How To Drive More Traffics To Your Blog or Website

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A lot of people just go ahead to create a free blogspot or website or even paid, without settling down to understand the tactics of following up its growth. After a while, they give up due to high expenses and low returns. The secret behind monetizing a blog or website is the traffic. 

Today I’ll be showing you how you can achieve that with minimal effort. 

Write more.
Yes, write more quality articles of up to 500 words, and not limiting a post only pictures or tutorial videos. Blogs are for write up, so if you are interested in videos you can sign up with YouTube and open a channel. Chances are that if you have good videos, you will grow more subscribers. 

Promote with social media.

With the growth of social media outlets, any blog or website owner not following up his post by sharing on social medias, will have himself to blame. Your site will grow after a long run no doubt, but it take a longer period of time than expected. 

Captivating titles. 

Since the title is the first thing any reader would see you should try to make it count. Get creative. Atimes, the post content might be rich but due to poor title, it might not be given much consent by readers. 

Using targeted niches. 

This has been the problem hindering the growth of sites. Chances are that someone posting more on technology alone or international news or fashion has higher chances of growing his site faster than someone posting on more at the same time. 

Website design. 

This plays a major role on inviting viewers to a site. No matter how rich or standard the quality of your post and writeups are, if your site is looking like that of an amateur or still in construction or in beta state, only passers-by and not quality visitors would come to your site. 

Using less harmful adverts;

It is highly recommended to use adsense ads as they are user friendly, so if they haven’t approved you, I would advise you to be patient and ensure you comply to all their policies before reapplying. And not jumping from one advertising company to another. Some can install unwanted ads by force to readers or unwanted redirection, chasing away quality visitors from your site. 

Integrating with Google analytics 

To do this you have to be an admin of the account by signing up. Then include the website and get the code. After which the code would be placed anywhere on the site. This analytics helps website or blog owners understand their pages and visitors better, giving you more clues on How to serve visitors better and growing the site. 

Using quality pictures and not copyright 

Pictures have a way of drawing attention. So the use of specific pictures for a post, might even tell the whole story. It also has a good impression on a write up. 

Submitting a site to search engine can also boost page views. I’ll be writing more on this soon. 

I hope this article comes as an eye opener to upcoming publishers, because what is really needed is patience, perseverance and hard work, and in no time you will reach the top. 



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