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How to Ensure That a Wholesale Review Website Is Reliable


A wholesale review website rates various dropship and wholesale firms in order to help retailers in making the right business decisions. These websites collect data directly from wholesalers and dropshippers as well as their clients. But, all wholesale review websites are not trustworthy. Some of them are run by dropshippers and wholesalers themselves in order to promote their services. So, the most important question that comes to mind is how to make sure that a website providing wholesale reviews is genuine or fake.

1. Beware of websites trying hard to promote any particular firm

If a website is excessively promoting any given firm, it might be that the firm itself is running the website for good publicity. Therefore, it is important to do some background checks about the website. Check who is behind the website. For this, you should visit the “About Us” section.

2. Do not consult only one wholesale review website.

Visit at least two or three websites to get reviews on any business. If any of the websites has rated the business as number one but other websites have bad reviews on it, you should be cautious. It might be that the website excessively promoting the business has some vested interests. It could be that they are paid by the wholesale business for rating their services the best.

3. Do not solely depend on online wholesale reviews.

Though reading reviews on the Internet is the easiest way to know about the services and products of a firm, relying solely on them is not recommended. If you have short-listed some wholesalers and dropshippers, you should do some research on them yourself. For instance, you should check if the business has given its detailed contact information, like phone number, address, and e-mail ID. Does the dropshipper have systems for allowing retailers to check inventory on real-time basis? What kind of shipping methods do they use? How long they have been in this business? Are their products fairly priced? How long do they take to ship the orders?

4. Get feedback from retailers who have done business with the firm

You should get in touch with present and past clients of the firm to learn about their experiences. They would be able to tell you about the quality of products, the kind of customer service, the quality of packaging, delivery issues, and hidden charges, if any. The opinions and views expressed by the customers of the firm will enable you to judge whether the wholesale review website is genuine or fake.

A reliable wholesale review website could help you in choosing the right firm that could meet your expectations and requirements related to product sourcing and avoid dropshipping scams.

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