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How To Find Out If Someone Has Deleted/Unfollowed You On Twitter, Facebook And Instagram

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Atimes we might be fooling ourselves thinking we have some genuine friends or people who can stand by us, like our posts and share our updates, but after a while we then realize that our once active friends are no longer active. At this point some questions might pop up in our minds like “is such a person still my on my friendlist?” but finding out the truth might be a lil difficult and we may not summon the courage to confront such a person in real life.

Want to find out which of your “friends” have deleted you on social media? We’ll show you how to identify who has stopped following or unfriended you, so you can unfriend them in real life. Here are the instructions for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You don’t have to wait until you’re browsing through your friends list to notice that someone has unfriended you. There is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, called Who Deleted Me, which will show you a list of people who have unfriended you every time you log into Facebook. It doesn’t work retroactively, though, so install it today. It will also tell you when your friends were “last seen” on Facebook, too – meaning you’ll know if someone has been avoiding replying your messages.

While it’s less of a grievous insult to unfollow someone on Twitter, you might still be curious to see who’s no longer interested in your constant stream of musings. To get a dashboard that alerts you whenever someone unfollows you, check out StatusBrew. Among other things, it keeps track of all your latest followers and “unfollowers” in the Audience section of the dashboard.

Since Instagram recently updated its policy on follower data, a lot of apps which previously offered a way to find out who unfollowed you no longer work. StatusBrew should still be an option, but it will cost you. Their paid “Essential” plan starts at $20 per month, and offers many more social media management features than the Basic free plan. Once you sign up, just go to the Audience section of the dashboard and click New Unfollowers in the sidebar.

If you are interested in the above links you can indicate in the comments below. Now you know how to find out who has unfriended you. What you do next is up to you. Are you sure you really want to know?


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