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How To Fix Android TouchScreen Issue

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Here in this article you will learn a simple trick on how to fix Android Touchscreen issues
Android as a world top-ranked mobile device is not that flawless. Like other touchscreen phone, it is susceptible to screen problems. 

Although some new Android phones has double screen while some are built with sharp sensor but all is still the same. We can’t overlook it that as Android device gets old it will be having some problems. The major problem is touchscreen issues.

Sometime ago, I was charging my android phone and it fell down(like 5cm) when I tried to unplug it. Then it developed this touchscreen issue. Could that small fall cause such issue? I wondered.  In this post, I will be showing you few things I did that calibrate my android device

How To Solve Android TouchScreen Issue
1. A small cotton wool.
2. TouchScreen calibration(android app).
3. Data/WiFi Connection.

Step 1:
Diagnose your touchscreen to know the certain location having issue
Remove your screen guide(if your phone has one).
Cut a small piece of cottonwool. Clean the screen surface thoroughly especially the affected location.

Step 2:
Download TouchScreen calibration and install it on your android phone.
After you install it, open the app and tap on “calibrate”
Perform every task you are given. Tap calibrate again to repeat the step twice then your device is fully calibrated

Now your android touchscreen problem is fixed. If your Android device is still having such issue, kindly visit professional repairer to change your touchpad.

Did it work for you? Comment below……..Touchscreen Calibration


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