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How To Free Up Storage Space On Your iPhone Without Deleting Anything


The problem of low storage space is really common among iPhone users as you may have an iPhone of 16GB but in order to download new files, you constantly have to delete old videos, unused apps and other files that eats up your phone space as a result of the device telling you insufficient space. I’ve written this article on how you can free up lots of storage space on your iPhone without having to delete any of your important files.

This method though a bit tricky, has helped a lot of people. 

Easy Steps To Free Up Space On iPhone Without Deleting Anything

Step 1:
Head straight to iTunes Store and attempt to rent a movie with large file size e.g 1956’s “War and Peace” which is about 8.86GB in HD or let’s say “The Lord of the Rings” epics – that will be too big to download. 

Don’t be afraid, you won’t be charged because the file is too big for the little storage space you have left on your phone. Now, you’ll get a notification saying; there is not enough available storage to download “name of movie attempted to download”. 

Step 2:
Now, select “OK” and then navigate to your settings. Select General, then go to Storage & iCloud Usage, and you’ll discover that you have freed up some space.

I know many questions must have started flowing through your minds by now, like, how did this magic happened?. Just read on to know how it happened.

This is what actually happens:
The attempt your phone made to download that large file has apparently erased some of the unnecessary or “cached” data that was being used by your phone apps. Thus, creating storage space for you which you can use to do whatever you like.

To recover more storage space on your device, repeat the steps 5-6 times or more and you’ll notice an increase of almost 1 – 2GB newly available storage space on your IPhone and you should be able to download files you like. 


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