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How To Get 12GB for 900NGN on Airtel

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I came across this awesome tutorial on a well renowned blog and decided to share it here because I know it would be beneficial to many. I’ll probably give due reference to the author of the post. I’ve you are a lover of data, why don’t you try it out?

Airtel 12GB for N900 follow write-up below..

If you have Airtel 4G in your location and the speed is incredible, then you can simply try this simple trick if you are not tired of surfing the net.

How to Get Airtel 12GB for N900
Airtel NG is currently dishing out free 4GB data if you are upgrading your sim or you are a new subscriber. A new sim will cost you atleast N300. Meaning, you can get 8GB for N600 or 12GB for N900.

This is how I arrived at my calculation, since 1 sim goes for N300 + free 4GB, every sim you buy you get 4GB.

The only stress is that you need to  buy and register another sim once you exhaust your current free 4GB. This is more like use and dump, no string attached. This idea might sound so stupid but if Airtel 4G is good in your location, then it will make a sense to give this a shot.


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