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How to Guarantee an Offshore Oil Rig Job


Working offshore on an oil rig is very appealing to many people but not many people tell you the truth when it comes to the industry. First you need to realise is that these jobs are not as easy to come by as they were when crude oil was at its record high but they are still there.

One of the great things about the oil industry is that it is not going to shut down any time soon. Every day recruiters are looking for new faces. In fact, almost 300 NEW OFFSHORE JOBS are added online every week. You just have to know where to find them.

To work offshore on an oil rig it takes motivation and a strong willingness to “do whatever it takes attitude” and the persistence to do it over and over again. For those of you suited for this kind of work, a job on an offshore drilling rig or crew / supply vessel will be right up your alley.

The best way to ensure you secure yourself a job offshore is to take whatever you can find initially just so you will be offshore. If you are working in the galley, and a rig position becomes available you are qualified to fill, you will be in the perfect position to apply for that job.

Many rig hands have been hired this way. Being on the rig in any position is a BIG step in getting a job more suited to your qualifications. Even in the most basic of entry level positions you have additional career benefits:

  • You will be on the rig which means you can observe day to day rig operations and get to talk first hand with other rig personnel, including management personnel who can hire you.
  • Should a rig position become available you are qualified to fill, you are right there to apply for it.
  • After just six months of basic entry level you will be able to answer the most important question a recruiter will ask. “Do you have prior offshore experience?”
  • Being on the rig will give you access to the tool pusher or offshore installation manager and they have the authority to hire you as a regular rig hand right on the spot.

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