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How To Identify Fake Facebook and Gmail Websites – Stay Safe


One major tricks Hackers are using now to take on victims is through the creating of fake facebook and google plus websites. There are many sites they use in creating these fake facebook and gmail websites. Making it look more like the real facebook and or the popular gmail.

On this post am going to share a little tactic with you. This would be on how to identify these fake facebook and google mail (Gmail) Websites and increase your security and privacy.

But before I show you how to identify these fake facebook and gmail websites. you my want to know what it means when they say a facebook account has been hacked; When they say A website or facebook account has been hacked it means a hacker actually broke through to get the password of that account.

How to Identify fake facebook and gmail website:

1. Phishing URL
These fake websites are also known as phishing page. Phishing is an act of deceiving a victim into entering his/her login details via a website.
Hackers do this by sending you a link to a website. This website looks more like facebook or gmail.

Now let me show you one best way to identify a fake facebook or gmail website:
Whenever you are logged into your facebook account and anyone sends you a link that says “you must login first” as seen in the picture below…..

In order to keep your account safe, we recommend that you do not click or login. Because when you put your details and login, your username and password would be automatically sent to their mail, Some in text files etc.

2. Check Address Bar
Before you login to your facebook account and email. you should always make sure you check the address bar to see if it is the correct facebook.com or gmail.com. If these are replaced with another name entirely then its likely to be phishing page. Do not login.

I believe by now you have more knowledge relating to fake facebook and gmail websites. So you can always stay safe.
Above are the two ways to identify fake facebook and gmail website. 

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