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How to Improve Battery Performance On Iphone and Ipad Devices

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I will be sharing some tips today on how to improve the battery performance of your SmartPhones. This article is targeted to iPhone and iPad users, but can be easily applied on other mobile phones to maximize it’s battery potentials.

Challenges caused by poor battery performances nowadays can be frustrating, just imagine chatting with an old friend, or in search of revenue, and your battery runs down. Although Power banks are good sources of alternate electricity, but it is not really advisable to always use power banks because they can reduce the performances of your battery in a long run.

Therefore this post comes as a must read for not only iPhone and iPad users but SmartPhone users in general.

How do I increase My Battery Performance

– Turn “Hey Siri” Off: Siri is always working in the background as a default on iOS. She’s just sat there waiting for you to speak to her, meaning she’s always using up a little bit of battery in the background. It’s not helpful, especially if you don’t use her, plus it isn’t hard to just turn her on manually.

You need to head into Settings > General > Siri and then toggle the switch to OFF (white) next to Allow “Hey Siri”. Now you can’t call out to her to get into Siri but you can still do it with the home button.

– Turn Off System Location Services: Just because you’ve tweaked individual app access to Location Services doesn’t mean you can’t get some further battery savings from disabling the feature in other places. The core of iOS uses Location Services for many other functions; some of which are pointless to you.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > and scroll down until you see System Services. Tap that and toggle the switches to OFF (white) to disable individual system Location Services. I recommend disabling Diagnostics & Usage and Location-Based iAds.

– Turn Off App Location Services: Location Services allows apps to know where you are based on your GPS or Wi-Fi triangulation. This is handy for a number of apps, but it drains battery power. Also, some apps request your Location Information yet it does you little good (these apps use it for targeted ads, for example).

To save battery go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > and toggle the switch to OFF (white) to turn off all Location Services (not recommended) or toggle individual apps access ON or OFF.

– Enable Low Power Mode
– Turn on Auto-Brightness
– Turn Off 4G
– Prevent Background App Refresh
– Disable Dynamic Backgrounds

In general battery saving occurs in many ways, for instance in android phone clearing idle apps in the background can help keep your battery healthy.
If you have other ideas please include them in the comment section below.


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