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How To Improve Your Organic Reach On Facebook

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Are you tired of writing and updating your timeline regularly but still end up with a handful of likes or comments? Here are some changes you should implement in order to improve your organic reach on Facebook.

1. Publish regularly
If you share content on the regular, it’s going to be difficult to improve your Facebook organic reach; but you won’t succeed if you’re harassing your followers every five minutes with new content always place quality ahead of quantity. Like with everything else, you’ll have to find some middle ground so your audience neither forgets about you nor gets tired of you.

Think about it: if you publish valuable content on a regular basis its more likely for your publications to reach more different users with whom you’ll generate larger interaction and Facebook will give your company page priority for appearing in your followers’ news-feed. In addition, it will help you in optimizing your content strategy and in finding out what type of publications work best for you.

Did you forget to update your page for a while? You always have the chance to revive it and improve organic reach by frequently publishing content that’s useful to your audience.

EXTRA TIP! Publish timeless content. The life of a post depends on various factor and one of them is its usefulness and betting on content that won’t go out of style. Therefore, it will be useful for a long period of time and users will keep giving “likes” and by commenting it will appear in news-feeds once again if one of your followers reacts to it. This is what causes posts to be circulated for longer periods of time.

2. Be aware of schedules

If you publish when your competitors are on the site, you’ll more likely obtain a lower Facebook organic reach since there will be a lot of publications fighting to appear in your audience’s news-feed.
What about publishing while your competition “sleeps”? No doubt, you’ll have a better possibility of catching attention.

Jon Loomer, one of the leading experts in Advanced Facebook Marketing, conducted an experiment in regards to this.
He basically analyzed at what time his fans were online and then programmed his publications for an hour after the “peak hour”. He discovered that “non-peak” or less frequented hours functioned very well and occasionally functioned better.

The explanation is very simple; this is what Jon says: “it’s all about good content with less competition”.

EXTRA TIP! Never publishing during “dead hours” since none of your followers are connected its likely for your posts to be lost in cyber space. A good tip is looking at the statistics on when your followers are connected and choosing the hours in which your competitors aren’t publishing.

3. Publish quality content

We live in the information overload era: everything revolves around content and people don’t have the time to read it all; so they undoubtedly stick with what appears most useful to them and what offers a better quality.

In this regard, Facebook recommends creating quality content instead of posting all the time without paying any attention, since quality content provides your followers with value and causes them to want to read and share your posts, this will help you obtain a better reach.

Furthermore, Facebook’s algorithm takes into account the amount of time each user dedicates to a publication and its quality equally, as well as other content metrics such as “likes” or comments; thus the more value your content provides the better the engagement from your audience will be and you’ll have a better chance of your content appearing in users’ newsfeed.

EXTRA TIP! Invoking emotions by creating personalized publications related to your market sector tugs on these “heartstrings” that we all have, and once you win their heart over you’ll also gain their newsfeed.
Additionally, posts which invoke users’ emotion generally achieve better viral ratings.

4. Exchange YouTube videos for Facebook videos

Videos are like royalty on Facebook and they work exceptionally well, but if you want to improve your results then say good-bye to YouTube videos and give a warm welcome to Facebook videos; they’re proven to help improve your Facebook organic reach.

One of the reasons behind the increase in reach is that although YouTube videos can be played on Facebook, they don’t start automatically like Facebook videos do. This auto play is truly what helps increase your scope.

Additionally, the percentage of people who view videos on Facebook is increasing while viewing videos on YouTube is decreasing in comparison.

EXTRA TIP! Make sure to take certain aspects into account when uploading your video to Facebook. For example, videos that are short with a maximum length of 2 minutes work best, show some action within the first 2 or 3 seconds, make it professional and choose a good thumbnail.

5. Minimize the use of apps or rss feeds to Auto-Post for you

The use of Apps or rss feeds providers to auto post for you can be helpful most especially during scheduling of posts from our websites or blogs to appear on Facebook. 

But experts have made researches and discovered that a hand written article directly from facebook has a higher tendency of reaching a wider range of readers than an article posted by an app or rss feed supplier which ends up redirecting users to another page or website.

EXTRA TIPS! If you must schedule your posts using an app, ensure that you add more words about 100-200, so it wont be regarded as one of those spammy posts with links.

6. Use the right images

Using the right images can help you increase organic reach on Facebook, and this platform favors the organic reach of publications which contain photos or images with the exact dimensions recommended by the social network.

These images appear completely formatted, thus they are more visual and attractive.

In regards to the measurements, the ideal dimension is 1200×1200 pixels for a complete image and 1200×627 pixels for an image in a post with a link. And Of course, the more attention it catches the more attractive the results will be.

Furthermore, a post with a good image is always more appealing to the audience making it easier for them to be interested in it.

EXTRA TIP! Don’t only be significant, but also try to be timely. If there is a current event, you can take advantage by publishing on it in real time and linking your brand to the event. People are already looking the theme up so now it’ll be more easy to catch their attention.

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